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The Caretree Code of Practice and Staff Charter

What you can expect from Caretree

  • To be treated equally, fairly and with respect
  • To be provided regular work that minimises travel
  • To be asked before allocating work that is outside your availability, and to respect your answer
  • To provide an accessible on-call service to support you with your client queries
  • To ensure you have a safe working environment and a good level of training for the job
  • To deal with complaints in a constructive and professional manner in accordance with Caretree's complaints procedure
  • To be paid in full, accurately and on time.

What Caretree expects from you in return

To uphold the values of Caretree;

  • Provide care to be best of your ability at all times
  • Follow company policies, procedures and rules
  • Treat everyone (clients, colleagues, other practitioners) with respect at all times
  • Act professionally, leave your personal life at home
  • Be open, honest and act with integrity
  • Maintain clear professional boundaries
  • Maintain clear and accurate records
  • Keep up to date with skills and knowledge
  • Ensure you have all relevant client information including key codes and location before your visit.

To respect the client at all times;

  • Gain consent before giving care
  • Be non judgemental
  • Promote our clients to be autonomous in their decision making, recognising their right of choice
  • Respect clients dignity, privacy and individuality
  • Do not discuss other clients or staff with a client, even if they appear to know them
  • When at a clients house, focus completely and solely on them and their tasks
  • During a visit, do not use your mobile phone for personal reasons.

To communicate effectively;

  • Communicate any client concerns to the office
  • Be responsive to queries from the office team
  • Use appropriate methods of communication.

To safeguard yourself and others;

  • Disclose information if any person may be at risk of harm
  • Be aware of your surroundings and consider any new or existing risks
  • Follow Health and Safety guidelines and raise any concerns
  • Recognise your limitations and ask for help.

Caretree, for peace of mind at home. We recriuit the best staff to bring a unique and outstanding perspective to home care in the Didcot & Abingdon area and can help with a wide range of tasks to ensure that our clients can remain at home safely.

Apply Now!

Please complete the application questions and click "Apply". We will make contact with you to discuss your application and if appropriate, we will invite you in for a face to face interview.

Because you will be driving to the clients' houses, you will be expected to have a full UK driving licence and your own car.

If you prefer, you call us on the number below and we will be happy to talk you through the roles in more detail.

01235 633300

Caretree will only use the information you supply to answer your query. We will never pass your details onto a third party.