Read Our Staff Charter

Posted on Feb. 27, 2018

We passionately believe in looking after our staff. We have created a "Staff Charter" that outlines what we offer to our staff and what we expect in return.

Our Staff Charter states that we will:

  • Treat staff equally, fairly and with respect
  • Provide regular work that minimises travel
  • Ask before allocating work that is outside your availability, and to respect your answer
  • Provide an accessible on-call service to support you with your client queries
  • Ensure you have a safe working environment and a good level of training for the job
  • Deal with complaints in a constructive and professional manner in accordance with Caretree's complaints procedure.
  • Pay you in full, accurately and on time
And in return, you must;
  • Uphold the values of Caretree
  • Respect the client at all times
  • Communicate effectively
  • Safeguard yourself and others